Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{teddy time}

Paige LOVES stuffed animals. She's not particularly attached to any one, she changes that daily, hourly.....

She has a HUGE bin in her closet full of them. I have tried to weed them out, but I swear, she remembers each and every one, and will totally call me out on certain ones that I have "removed" or deemed yucky. In fact, the yucky ones usually get the most love.

Except today. Today she was all about this bear. Most definitely not yucky.


My Mom gave Emily a teddy bear when she was born, and this bear is the one she got for Paige.


Isn't he cute?


He usually resides on a shelf up high in her room. She spied him this morning and has been carrying him around all day.


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Karen Scharlatt said...

I love this teddy. I was the same way with all my stuffies