Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{2013 video}

2013 from Allison Gottlieb on Vimeo.

ok...I's over 15 minutes. But I just couldn't help it. These pictures...are all my favorites. It's so dang cold outside....what else do you have to do? Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{december 2013}

I think the last time I did a monthly "dump" of photos was August. And now that it's January...I figure no one wants to see the first day of school here's a look at our December 2013.

It took FOREVER to get our house decorated for Christmas this year. Since Thanksgiving was much later this year, as well as a packed December....decorating kinda took a backseat. But we did it - thanks to my cute helpers, who I think really wanted to just go up and down on the ladder more than anything.

Emily and Paige coming home from school.

Fifth Grade Holiday Concert. Can you find Emily? Right hand side, second row...she's looking up. That's seriously the best picture I have of her...and I was sitting in the front row.

After the concert....

Eric and I had a nite out with his co-workers.

It snowed.
Santa came to Ojibwa Elementary!

Someone is a little bit skeptical...

Look! There's ME!

Emily had a very small birthday party this year - just a couple of her good friends that came over for cookie decorating, pizza, brownie sundaes and "sleeping".

Crazy girls.

Thanks Miley Cyrus.

We made the office into one big BEDroom. We used our inflatable bed and our futon and all six of them were able to "sleep" side by side. Let's just say I had to tell them at 2am that they needed to maybe think about whispering since they were still kinda shouting at each other....this was taken around midnight.

This was at 8am the next morning. And they are really sleeping here.

Deflating is way more fun then inflating.

 Going to Christmas Eve at my sister's house, and then onto my Aunt and Uncle's house.

 Yep...again...thanks Miley Cyrus...

 Santa made a stop at my Aunt and Uncle's house....

Emily told me later that she "knew" it was Matt. I told her to go and ask him if he was Santa. She said, "No Mom. I don't want him to know that I know. It may make him sad." :)

A little Left, Right, Center to end the evening...quite a serious game...

 Ryan ended up winning this year. He's right next to me, so he's not in the picture.

 This kid. He's so funny. He piled a bunch of pillows on my Mom while we were playing scattergories in the next room. We had no idea that she was under all the pillows until we stated putting them away. He then tried to lick me instead of kiss me...dang Miley Cyrus.

These girls kept busy all night. They could barely stand still long enough for me to take a picture.

Eric's bounty from the dirty Santa gift exchange. The guitar...not Paige.

The girls making their last minute Christmas wishes....

It must have worked...they were so EXCITED to get their coveted American Girl dolls. Emily for Emily and Saige for Paige. A very good Christmas!!

We decorated Gingerbread houses after Christmas....better late than never right?

Happy 2014!!