Friday, January 30, 2009

ahhh....the 80's

Spirit week at Emily's school continues today - the final day - 80's day.  The days that most of us cringe whenever we see photographs of ourselves in those crazy styles.  Big hair, double polo shirts - with the collars UP, double socks - different colors, many, many, many bracelets, giant dangly earrings, tight rolled jeans, stretch pants, stirrup pants, swatch watches, anything with paisley on it, chain belts, legwarmers, stone wash jeans, those friendship safety pins with beads we would wear on our shoes, those barrettes we would wear with the ribbon braided through and hanging way down....I could go on and on.

I decided today that Emily could just wear one of her 80's inspired outfits - sparkly shirt, jean skirt, crazy striped tights, and a belt.  I did her hair in my own personal 80's style - pony tail on the side with a scrunchy (my personal authentic favorite from when I was Emily's age). We added blue eyeshadow as well.  Not a total 80's throwback, but as close as I could come without having to go shopping.  I think she looked pretty cute - blue eyeshadow and all.

a side note - one of the Moms from Emily's bus stop asked me a couple days ago to explain what 80's day was - she's from Poland, and did not really get it. I gave her some of the above examples, but I am not sure she really got it.  Nina showed up to the bus stop today in what looked like a red silk poodle skirt, and polka dots tights. Maybe that was 80's style in Poland.
Paige is feeling much better.  She took a four hour nap yesterday afternoon - I had to wake her up at 4:35pm!!  She was pretty much a grouch after that, but no so much today.  She really HATES her antibiotic - it takes both Eric and myself to hold her down and force it in her mouth.  Only a few more days of that, and she'll be as good as new.

We added the belt a little later - so here's a picture of that.  I wish I could have gotten my hands on some of that spray that colors your hair neon colors - do they still make that?
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

feeling better

After a long day of not feeling so hot and then a full night of sleep, it appears that Miss Paige is on the mend.  She only needed to be held a couple times today...not too bad after the "Mommy Hold Me" marathon from yesterday.  See picture below - that was basically my whole day.

Today she was back to her old mayhem creating self.  Reading books in her room, pulling tissues out of the box - then ripping them to shreds, climbing on anything and everything, eating a little bit more, making a mess of Emily's room - you know, normal Paige stuff.  And she was nice enough to oblige me with a couple cute pictures.
Those baby feet - love them!!

I was trying to take a picture of Emily - apparently she wasn't in the mood.  
Cool picture though.

Got her!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

2008 in pictures

It took me all of two hours to make this - just did a down and dirty pick of some photos from 2008, added the music (Jack Johnson's "Better Together") and walla!! 2008 video.  I love iMovie.  I love my Mac. It makes life so easy.  Enjoy.....

(also - if you click on the link to the actual You Tube page, and watch this in high quality, it's WAY better.  Click here to do that.)

Also - didn't want to go without telling you that my dear, sweet Paige Elizabeth has a double ear infection.  It has eluded her for her first eighteen months, but no longer.  We had a doctors appointment for her 18 month check-up anyway this morning, so it all worked out.  She started her antibiotic this afternoon - she HATES it - and will hopefully be feeling much better by tomorrow.  Eric is also sick, and Emily is on the mend.  I hope I am not next.

Despite being very under the weather, she is growing like a weed - 23 pounds, and 34 inches tall.  The doctor also prescribed a cream for her seriously bad case of eczema - and I am happy to report that she is already showing improvement.

What a day.  I am exhausted.  Have a good week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sweet baby girl

I had a little impromptu photo session with Miss Paige this afternoon. She is sporting her new knit hat that I got for her on etsy. It was such a deal, I could not resist. She is so into wearing hats, that I thought she would be totally into wearing this one. She liked it for a little while, but then was over it.  She is fast approaching eighteen months. Her vocabulary and speech (is that the same thing?) has exploded with a new word or phrase everyday. Which is good, because the whole ability to communicate is a very helpful thing. She is quite the climber, and can now pretty much get up on the couch all by herself. I often find her in her room, in the rocking chair looking at books. She has a never ending appetite for those. She is still not really into television, but will occasionally watch Yo Gabba Gabba.

She has recently added broccoli to her diet. I was in total shock. I have been offering it to since she started eating regular food, and she ALWAYS spit it out. Now she eats it with gusto. Who would've thought it? We think she may be allergic to strawberries....but the jury is still out on that one. She does have very sensitive skin, which does not like all this dry air.  

She has pretty much outgrown all her eighteen months size clothes, and has started to fit into some twenty-four month size stuff - as seen in these photos.  She is still very small waisted, although I would not say she is skinny. I think they are making clothes nowadays for very chubby babies. I never had this problem with Emily, and she was not a chubby baby either.

Anyway, she is just as cute as can be. And a total pain when it comes to taking pictures. She does not sit still for anything - which I remember Emily being the exact same at this age. I don't have a whole of "face" shots of her either. So, I take what I can get.

And who could not love this cute little furry face. We have put off having him groomed because of the very cold temperatures - and I think he is most grateful.  Besides, I love it when he's this furry...except that you can't see his eyes. I want to put his hair up in a cute little pony on the top of his head, but Eric won't let me. He says all the other dogs will make fun of Max. I think they would just be jealous. Don't you just want to squeeze his nose?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

thirty eight

I am thinking that my dear, sweet husband had a very nice birthday.  We started the day off with the traditional birthday pancakes, some quality time spent with family, a take-out lunch from Jimmy Johns, work, a yummy dinner made by my Mom, rum cake, presents, and ended the day with an operation night at the good ol' train club.  A good way to cap off thirty eight years.
A very large icicle hanging from the overhang on the back of our house.
The girls having a little fun this morning.
Paige partying last night.
Paige doing some work on Emily's Barbie laptop.  If only she could learn to invoice on that thing.
My Mom reading with Paige last night.  If you sit still long enough, Paige will bring you a book.

Poor Emily has a cold.  She came down with it Saturday night when I got back from a day of scrapbooking.  She stayed home from school today, and will probably be missing dance class as well. She is camped out on the couch watching movies.  Hopefully, she will be feeling better soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I know that today is Eric's birthday, and there will be pictures tomorrow, I promise.  However, today I took some pictures of my most recent layouts, edited them, and I am going to display them it or not.  I spent twelve hours at a scrapbook event this past Saturday and got a whole eight layouts finished - which considering the fact that I can take up to four hours on one layout, eight in twelve hours is pretty good.  As always - you can click on each picture to see it more up close and personal.  Enjoy!  BTW - these are not really in any sort of order.