Friday, January 30, 2009

ahhh....the 80's

Spirit week at Emily's school continues today - the final day - 80's day.  The days that most of us cringe whenever we see photographs of ourselves in those crazy styles.  Big hair, double polo shirts - with the collars UP, double socks - different colors, many, many, many bracelets, giant dangly earrings, tight rolled jeans, stretch pants, stirrup pants, swatch watches, anything with paisley on it, chain belts, legwarmers, stone wash jeans, those friendship safety pins with beads we would wear on our shoes, those barrettes we would wear with the ribbon braided through and hanging way down....I could go on and on.

I decided today that Emily could just wear one of her 80's inspired outfits - sparkly shirt, jean skirt, crazy striped tights, and a belt.  I did her hair in my own personal 80's style - pony tail on the side with a scrunchy (my personal authentic favorite from when I was Emily's age). We added blue eyeshadow as well.  Not a total 80's throwback, but as close as I could come without having to go shopping.  I think she looked pretty cute - blue eyeshadow and all.

a side note - one of the Moms from Emily's bus stop asked me a couple days ago to explain what 80's day was - she's from Poland, and did not really get it. I gave her some of the above examples, but I am not sure she really got it.  Nina showed up to the bus stop today in what looked like a red silk poodle skirt, and polka dots tights. Maybe that was 80's style in Poland.
Paige is feeling much better.  She took a four hour nap yesterday afternoon - I had to wake her up at 4:35pm!!  She was pretty much a grouch after that, but no so much today.  She really HATES her antibiotic - it takes both Eric and myself to hold her down and force it in her mouth.  Only a few more days of that, and she'll be as good as new.

We added the belt a little later - so here's a picture of that.  I wish I could have gotten my hands on some of that spray that colors your hair neon colors - do they still make that?
Have a great weekend!

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