Tuesday, January 27, 2009

feeling better

After a long day of not feeling so hot and then a full night of sleep, it appears that Miss Paige is on the mend.  She only needed to be held a couple times today...not too bad after the "Mommy Hold Me" marathon from yesterday.  See picture below - that was basically my whole day.

Today she was back to her old mayhem creating self.  Reading books in her room, pulling tissues out of the box - then ripping them to shreds, climbing on anything and everything, eating a little bit more, making a mess of Emily's room - you know, normal Paige stuff.  And she was nice enough to oblige me with a couple cute pictures.
Those baby feet - love them!!

I was trying to take a picture of Emily - apparently she wasn't in the mood.  
Cool picture though.

Got her!!

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