Sunday, June 16, 2013

{paige is officially a TWO wheeler}

I cannot believe how quickly she did it...but she did it. She still needs to work on her steering, and starting off by herself, but I have no doubt she'll be doing that in short order. Even Eric said how her stubborn-ness really worked to her advantage. She was bound and determined to do it, and she did. Go Paigey! Go!!

Paige learns to ride a bike! from Allison Gottlieb on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{last day of school 2013}

Today was the last day of school. Last of of Kindergarten for Miss Paige.
Last day of Fourth grade for Miss Emily. I thought I would take you back in time to the first day of school for both girls - we'll start with Paige first. If you recall, she missed the actual first day of school because she had an allergic reaction from antibiotics. She was covered in spots. So, her first day was everyone else's second day.

And here she is today. I can hardly believe how much of her baby-ness is all gone. And behold, the pose. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished. She can tie her shoes all by herself, write full sentences with some awesomely great handwriting, READ well above her grade level, act (kindof) in a school play, make lots and lots of friends, and just grow up enough that it's slightly painful, but also enough that it's exciting too see the person that she's becoming. Introducing my new first grader!

Emily started off her school year with no rash or drama. And that's pretty much the way she ended it as well. Here's Emily in September:

And here's Emily this morning:
She's definitely gotten taller. And she's gotten much more outgoing than I ever thought she would be. She was a class representative in her student council this year. She had a singing duet in the school play - the mere fact that she even stood up on stage and sang a song for the audition was AMAZING to me. She decided that math and science were NOT her favorite subjects in school - although she still did well. She reads more books than I can believe. She is learning that growing up is HARD. But, I think she is doing a beautiful job of it. I am so proud to say that Emily is my daughter.


Paige had a Kindergarten Completion ceremony at school this morning. They sang a few songs.
(Paige is kinda behind the plant)

And they were all introduced by their respective teachers - telling us what they wanted to be when they grow up. Paige said she wants to be a veterinarian. Most of the girls said teacher, but a few said things like: donut maker and princess. It seemed like all the boys said police officer. My favorite boy occupation was a K-Mart worker. AWESOME!

Paige with Mr. Rose (the Principal) and Ms. Batko (asst. Principal). Mr. Rose was telling Eric how awesome he was that he could take a picture with a drink and donut in one hand, and a camera in the other. Apparently, not so awesome that he can look at the picture he just took and say. "Let's take another one with all our mouths closed..."
Paige enjoying her donut.
And of course, Paige with her AWESOME teacher, Mrs. Hollinsky. Mrs. Hollinsky was Emily's Kindy teacher as well. And, boy are we going to miss her next year. Of course, she'll be at school still, but it's not the same.....sniff, sniff.
Good-bye Kindergarten, Good-bye Fourth Grade. And oh my year is Emily's last year in Elementary school......let's not even go there.