Friday, August 29, 2008

The Last Days of Summer

It's so sad.  Summer has come, and in a matter of days, it will be gone again.  Of course, we still have a few more weeks until the OFFICIAL end of summer....but once the backpacks, lunch boxes, pencils, and school buses are a daily occurrence...summer is a distant memory.
This labor day weekend holds no big plans for our household.  There has been some talk of painting - mostly on my part - but that's it.

My Mom and I went to one of the many roadside produce stands around here.  Everything from corn, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, etc is in season - and it is SO GOOD.  When I was a kid, I remember eating a dinner that basically consisted of sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob, green beans and watermelon.  Which is basically what we had for dinner tonight - except, we also had sloppy joes. 

Emily is SUPER excited about Kindergarten.  I also signed her up for tap classes which start the week after next - that should be fun.

I found some "E" and "P" cookie cutters at Sur La Table a couple weeks ago - they were only a dollar.  So, today, we finally made cookies with them.  We invited Jenna, Emily's buddy from across the street, to help us decorate.  They had fun - as did the adults.

Paige has four teeth coming in all at once - and I think I can feel even more - when she lets me.  She has not had much of an appetite lately, but BOY did she enjoy the heck of out the watermelon tonight.  She had three pieces of it.  Of course, when I offered her a cookie, she gladly handed me her much chewed on piece of rind for her dessert.

Also - Emily's permanent tooth has already come in - so, I am thinking that there will probably be many more loose teeth in her near future.

Have a great holiday weekend!  Check back Tuesday afternoon for first day of school pictures..........

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kindergarten Bound

Met her kindergarten teacher yesterday.  Literally had to drag Emily out of the classroom.  She's so excited.  Only a few more days left.

**This post was edited**

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Adventure

I have been a very bad blogger.  I think it's been a week.  Sorry about that.  I have been busy with the girls, moving stuff over to the Mac, re-learning the Mac, trying to get caught up with the orders from the website, and other various things.  It's been a crazy week.

Emily went bowling last week for the first time  - if you don't count playing on the Wii.  She played with Jenna and Noah.  It was dollar bowling week at the local bowling alley.  Everything was one dollar - games, shoe rentals, fries, pop - you name it.  We paid for two games - but one and a half games would have be sufficient.  Emily actually won the first game.  She had a lot of fun.  It was pretty funny watching them - especially when they were dancing around to the 80's music that was playing.

Yesterday, we went up to Crossroads Village in Flint.  It's a cute little park where they have re-located historical houses, churches and stores.  They also have a train called the Huckleberry railroad that you can ride on - which was basically the main reason for going.  Unfortunately, because the "Day out with Thomas" was there, we didn't get to go on the train.  The website for the park was unclear, and we thought they they would be running both trains.  The tickets to ride on Thomas have been sold out since they went on sale in May.  We made the best of it - going around the village and seeing the sights.  We rode a paddle-wheel boat around Mott Lake.  And, Emily got to meet Sir Toppam Hat.  She liked that.  It was a good family afternoon.


In other news - Emily got her letter from her new kindergarten teacher on Saturday.  As it turns out, Emily will be going to PM, or afternoon if you prefer, Kindergarten.  Around here, there is no full day Kindergarten.  It's crazy.  At first, I was not happy about her going in the afternoon, but when I thought about the fact that Paige takes an afternoon nap - and I would be basically kid free in the afternoon for a few hours, I was happy.  Of course this means that Emily will be eating lunch at 11am, but that's really not that big of a deal.  

We have a "Meet and Greet" at her school on Wednesday afternoon, so we may find out more then.  Stay tuned.

Paige loves to watch Max eat.  She loves to feed him too.....and if Max doesn't eat all his food, guess what?  Little Miss Paige has no problem helping herself!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Allison is so cool!

Allison is too cool for me now. She just got her new toys, a Mac Book laptop computer and an Apple iPod touch. Now she looks down on all us lowly PC users and sleeps with her laptop under her pillow. Also, today was Max's 7th birthday. Hard to believe the little guy has been around so long. I let him eat a bunch of Doritos at lunch today. If I was really a good master I would have shared my beer with him too. Happy Birthday Max. Another 2 years and you'll be eligible for doggie Social Security.

Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise 2008

Last Saturday we headed down to Woodward Avenue to check out the 15th annual Dream Cruise. For those who don't know, Woodward Avenue was notorious for illegal drag racing in the 1960's. Nowadays we show off the iron in a more civilized way, with upwards of 40,000 classic cars cruising around in a celebration of all things automotive. Here are a few of the cool ones we saw, click on the image to see it larger.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paige's first Swim

It has been unseasonably cool here this I think I have said before.  There has not been a good opportunity to take Paige's new swimsuit out for a good soaking.  Until yesterday. It actually hit ninety degrees.  So, off to the backyard we our lovely pool.  Daddy blew up the baby float, and we were off.

She wasn't sure at first, the water was a little cold.......but after a minute, she was good to go. She played in there for at least ten minutes - Emily pushed her around and splashed with her. She even floated a little on her tummy while kicking her little fish.

Of course, it was only seventy degrees again today.  No pool two days in a row.  Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baptismal Trifecta

I just want to say that I have absolutely no idea if I even spelled "trifecta" correctly - and I don't care if I didn't.

Today was the long awaited baptism of Paige. Joining her were Emerson and Julie - hence the "trifecta".

All I can say is, Paige did GREAT. She didn't cry during the wetting of her head, and didn't really fuss all that much during the rest of the service. We kept her occupied with books, but we only really needed that at the very end. She enjoyed the singing very much - and waving "hi" to her posse seated behind us.

Following the service, we had a lovely brunch at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Paige went the whole day with only a thirty minute power nap, and she was in a great mood.

It was a good weekend, and I am TIRED. So here are the pictures.....enjoy...I am going to bed.
My Mom, sister Amanda (the GodMother), Me, Paige, Eric and Emily
Paige and her GodMommy
The nauseatingly photogenic Marcikics :)
Paige and Emerson discussing their baptismal experiences
If I was a good girl, I would have found one of the many cousin pictures from years past and scanned it.....but as I have said, I am tired. So here's Cousins 2008. And the sun was in our eyes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In case you were wondering....

She got a fiver. She was so very excited.

And below - Riding in style to Erma's Frozen Custard Tuesday night. Our neighbors have a very pretty 1966 Ford Galaxy. Emily is the head in the middle. I was in the minivan with Ginger, my Mom and Paige....and we were still cool.

My sister is landing in about an hour. Dreamcruise tomorrow night. Paige's Baptism is Sunday morning. Should be a fun weekend.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wolcott Mills Farm

This morning we went to the farm at Wolcott Mills Metropark. You could not feed the animals, but you could watch them as they got milked - just the cows - played, honked, or ran around. Emily and Paige had a great time. Emily's favorite animals were the horses, and Paige's favorites were the chickens. Emily's least favorite part was the stinky cows - see picture below - and getting stung by a bee - although, I can no longer see the spot on her leg where she was "stung".

And, in case you were wondering - I liked the geese.
In other exciting news: THE TOOTH HAS FALLEN OUT!!!!!!
It happened this afternoon, during lunch, while Emily was eating a chocolate chip cookie...of course. We'll let you know what the tooth fairy brings........

Monday, August 11, 2008

She's so grown up

You have probably heard it a million times. You have either said it yourself, or you have heard it said about you or someone else....."They grow up so fast."

And boy do they.

I don't know if it's something in the water around here - I mean, I certainly don't feel any older - but both of my girls seemed to have grown up quite a bit over the last week. Emily is really shedding her "child" outlook, for one of a "kid". Complete with phrases like, "This is soooooo boring Mom." And, "For real?"

And, today's latest, "Mom, can Dad take my training wheels off my bike?" I know, she is probably the last almost six year old who still has her training wheels, but she's not just any ordinary almost six year old. She is my complete and total KLUTZ daughter. It is for her own safety that those training have stayed right where they were.....until this afternoon. Dad took them off.
And then there was this:
She only did a couple runs with Daddy. I thought she did pretty well. Daddy was too out of breath to really speak about it. I took her later in the evening, but stopped after one run because of WAY too many comments from the Grandparent peanut gallery.....
And this child.
She was LOVING just sitting in the car, honking the horn and turning the key. I was happy to oblige her. Paige in the car equals me not running after her.
I wish I had a picture, and maybe I will soon, but Paige's new trick for the week is to shove her index finger completely inside her nose. Lovely. Her baptism is this Sunday....I can see it up on the altar....everyone watching....Paige picking her nose. Lovely.
And she has two more teeth coming in - on the top. Emily losing her teeth, Paige is getting hers.
Man, they grow up so fast.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cold Rain

Someone needs to make a call to Mother Nature and let her know that it is SUMMER. It has been unseasonably cold around here lately. Right now it it trying so hard to get up to seventy degrees. I am sure to those of you who are roasting with temps in the nineties, and humidity at 8000 percent, seventy degrees sounds great, right? Well, true, but we have a pool to enjoy, tank tops and shorts to wear, and only a couple more months left in which to do these things.......

For the first time, the Saturday at my Aunt Joan's Farm was rained out - thunder, lightning and all. No bat ball (half an inning), no fire pit, no basketball.....but we did manage to have fun just hanging out with everyone. It wasn't a total loss. Emily enjoyed herself playing in the sand - she was SOAKED. Eric stayed home to rest. He is now on antibiotics, as his skin thing has gone bacterial. Ewww, gross.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Man, oh Man.....

Does that kid love books.....
She has this new thing, where she brings you a book, gives you this adorable little smile, turns around, and backs up right into your lap. Sometimes she misses - but then she gets up and does it again and again - until either she makes it, or I just grab her and squeeze her for being so darn cute. It's almost too much to take.
Update on Emily's tooth - it's still there, but very, very loose......

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

By popular demand

Seriously, only a few have actually asked to see this. Why, I ask you???
I feel like I need to add a cute picture of Paige or Emily to this post - but I am thinking this rashy post needs to stand alone. YUCK. He is feeling a little better - much less itchy.
For better or for worse, right? Love you hunny. Even when you are all red and rashy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hives, Backpacks and Zucchini

Remember last week when my wonderful husband gave up most of his afternoon setting up and then running the obstacle course in our backyard? Well, apparently, Eric seems to have had a really bad reaction to all that heat, humidity and sunlight. My darling husband has broken out in HIVES. Really bad ones. So bad, that when he wanted me to take a picture of it to post on this blog, I felt that I would spare all you gentle readers the ghastly sight.

He made a visit to the clinic yesterday morning, where the doctor gave him a shot - in his hind quarters - and a prescription for prednisone. I was a good wife and got him some oatmeal bath, to take care of the itching. He's feeling a lot better - much less grouchy - and even made it to his train club last evening.

While I was out picking up the oatmeal bath, with Emily, I also picked up a back pack for my soon to be Kindergartener. She only has a few more weeks of that possible?

I tried in vain to get a few pictures of the girls together yesterday afternoon, but they were not having it - neither of them.

And this, my dear friends, is a zucchini from my next door neighbor, Julie. Apparently, her Mom has a garden the size of our backyard - and grows zucchinis just as big. Holy cadoodle! I was thinking of making zucchini Parmesan....any one ever heard of that? All I can say is, "Wow".

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I was thinking the other night, as I was getting Emily ready for bed, that Emily is really, truly, a routine kind of girl. The best example of this is her bedtime routine. Without fail, you must follow all these steps, or else you will have a VERY unhappy five year old on your hands.
Step one - brush teeth and do mouthwash. Finally Emily can do these things on her own. Finally.
Step two - pajamas AND socks. Socks 365 days a year. She HAS to have them on, or else, a screaming, crying fit. Apparently, there's a sheet monster that will not attack you if you have socks on.
Set three - saying good nite to Daddy. If Daddy is not here, we are not beyond calling him on the phone. Incidentally, if Daddy is putting Emily to bed, good nites go to Mommy.
Step four - story. Sometimes two stories.
Step five - bathroom break. Not always fruitful, but you gotta try.
Step six - tucking in. First the sheet, then the little pink blanket, then the purple blanket, then the pink pooh bear blanket, then the BIG Eeyore blanket. And, don't even try to put them out of order, because she checks. Seriously.
Step seven - twinkle. And, for those of you who have been out at night with me, you KNOW I have sang it on the phone.
Step eight - kisses and hugs. She has to give you a kiss for each hug. Three kisses, three hugs.
Step nine - The final question. Always after I wish her good-night, as I get out into the hallway, I get the "Mom......". She only gets one. Sometimes.
Step ten - you MUST turn on the light in my bedroom, or else a HUGE crying fit will ensue.

Will Paige be this crazy? If she is, it'll be ten o'clock before I get both girls to bed.
We finally gave in and got the "WT" pool for the backyard. It was a little cold Friday morning when we filled it up, but it was nice and refreshing for a swim on Saturday.

On Sunday, we had a very nice visit with my old friend Brady, his wife, Meg, and their two year old son, Cullen. It has been a while since we have seen them, so it was good to catch up, and enjoy a very tasty Michigan dinner - corn on the cob, tomatoes, steak and grilled peppers - YUM.

Oh, and Paigey had her first cute. I told you she was trouble. Luckily, I know Cullen comes from a good family, so we are good there. :)

Also, we had these for dessert. Watermelon sugar cookies. I made them. Nauseating enough for you Julie? :) They were yummy. I may have to make some more to take to the farm next weekend......