Friday, August 1, 2008


Yesterday was Paige's one year doctor appointment. Seriously. For such a big appointment you would think there would be great fanfare and excitement - but alas - it was just Paige and myself. Eric felt that he needed to get some work done - the nerve, and Emily was so put off by the amount of waiting she had to do the last time we went, she declined to go as well.

Well, my darling youngest daughter is doing just fine. She is 31 inches tall, and 21.6 pounds. A little ahead of the curve height wise, and right on in terms of weight. She got two shots, and cried for about three seconds, and then got VERY excited because I put her shoes on her, and put her DOWN. I had been holding her in my lap for over an hour, and she was clearly over that.

We have been playing a lot up in Paige's room, mostly because there's a lot less trouble for her up there. Since we got the gate, she is confined to only the three bedrooms and the hallway, which is good. Did I mention that I LOVE the gate??? Her favorite thing by far is reading books. She really loves to pull them all off the shelf. And, oh, I love that as well......guess who puts them all back? At least three times a day.

Notice the baby on the floor behind Paige? She's resting from her exhausting day on the obstacle course. :) Oh, and Emily took the picture of Paige and I. Forgot to tell you guys that I had all my hair cut off....and I don't like it too much.

Emily still has her loose tooth. She is anxiously awaiting it's departure from her mouth. She asks me everyday if I think it's going to fall out. Eric has offered to pull it out for her, but she's not taking him up on that. We'll keep you posted.

That's pretty much it from excitement central. Have a great weekend.

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EatCrowe said...

Read Emily, "One Morning in Maine". It is about a girl with a loose tooth.