Monday, August 4, 2008

Hives, Backpacks and Zucchini

Remember last week when my wonderful husband gave up most of his afternoon setting up and then running the obstacle course in our backyard? Well, apparently, Eric seems to have had a really bad reaction to all that heat, humidity and sunlight. My darling husband has broken out in HIVES. Really bad ones. So bad, that when he wanted me to take a picture of it to post on this blog, I felt that I would spare all you gentle readers the ghastly sight.

He made a visit to the clinic yesterday morning, where the doctor gave him a shot - in his hind quarters - and a prescription for prednisone. I was a good wife and got him some oatmeal bath, to take care of the itching. He's feeling a lot better - much less grouchy - and even made it to his train club last evening.

While I was out picking up the oatmeal bath, with Emily, I also picked up a back pack for my soon to be Kindergartener. She only has a few more weeks of that possible?

I tried in vain to get a few pictures of the girls together yesterday afternoon, but they were not having it - neither of them.

And this, my dear friends, is a zucchini from my next door neighbor, Julie. Apparently, her Mom has a garden the size of our backyard - and grows zucchinis just as big. Holy cadoodle! I was thinking of making zucchini Parmesan....any one ever heard of that? All I can say is, "Wow".


Eric said...

I don't know why Allison won't show all of you my hives. They are really cool. They are currently covering about 25% of my body and they itch like fire ant bites which is always lots of fun. They look kind of like 3rd degree burns, hence the absence of pictures. I should be back to normal in 1-2 weeks.

Eric said...

Update...due to the morbid curiosity of our readers, or popular demand (take your pick)Allison will be posting images of my skin affliction soon for your viewing pleasure. Allison is now referring to me as "rash boy".