Sunday, August 3, 2008


I was thinking the other night, as I was getting Emily ready for bed, that Emily is really, truly, a routine kind of girl. The best example of this is her bedtime routine. Without fail, you must follow all these steps, or else you will have a VERY unhappy five year old on your hands.
Step one - brush teeth and do mouthwash. Finally Emily can do these things on her own. Finally.
Step two - pajamas AND socks. Socks 365 days a year. She HAS to have them on, or else, a screaming, crying fit. Apparently, there's a sheet monster that will not attack you if you have socks on.
Set three - saying good nite to Daddy. If Daddy is not here, we are not beyond calling him on the phone. Incidentally, if Daddy is putting Emily to bed, good nites go to Mommy.
Step four - story. Sometimes two stories.
Step five - bathroom break. Not always fruitful, but you gotta try.
Step six - tucking in. First the sheet, then the little pink blanket, then the purple blanket, then the pink pooh bear blanket, then the BIG Eeyore blanket. And, don't even try to put them out of order, because she checks. Seriously.
Step seven - twinkle. And, for those of you who have been out at night with me, you KNOW I have sang it on the phone.
Step eight - kisses and hugs. She has to give you a kiss for each hug. Three kisses, three hugs.
Step nine - The final question. Always after I wish her good-night, as I get out into the hallway, I get the "Mom......". She only gets one. Sometimes.
Step ten - you MUST turn on the light in my bedroom, or else a HUGE crying fit will ensue.

Will Paige be this crazy? If she is, it'll be ten o'clock before I get both girls to bed.
We finally gave in and got the "WT" pool for the backyard. It was a little cold Friday morning when we filled it up, but it was nice and refreshing for a swim on Saturday.

On Sunday, we had a very nice visit with my old friend Brady, his wife, Meg, and their two year old son, Cullen. It has been a while since we have seen them, so it was good to catch up, and enjoy a very tasty Michigan dinner - corn on the cob, tomatoes, steak and grilled peppers - YUM.

Oh, and Paigey had her first cute. I told you she was trouble. Luckily, I know Cullen comes from a good family, so we are good there. :)

Also, we had these for dessert. Watermelon sugar cookies. I made them. Nauseating enough for you Julie? :) They were yummy. I may have to make some more to take to the farm next weekend......


Anonymous said...

Oh my god that kiss picture is a riot! That is so darn cute! and those cookies...Ok Martha, look out. You are like, the perfect little Mom! Your girls sure are lucky! and so is your husband :)

As far as routines, Lauren is right up there, although, not quite as routine as Emily, but close enough. I am thinking Evan will be lucky if he ever sees structure around here the way it is now...I will get better :)...I will be curious to see how different he will be, in his own special way. Happy August!...great pool too- I am sure Emily loves it!

Eric said...

Tonight there was an extra step to Miss Emily's routine. After bedtime tonight she got up and came downstairs to see her daddy because the batteries in her bedside flashlight were weak!

Ryan and Julie said...

The nausea has risen to a new level.