Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Allison is so cool!

Allison is too cool for me now. She just got her new toys, a Mac Book laptop computer and an Apple iPod touch. Now she looks down on all us lowly PC users and sleeps with her laptop under her pillow. Also, today was Max's 7th birthday. Hard to believe the little guy has been around so long. I let him eat a bunch of Doritos at lunch today. If I was really a good master I would have shared my beer with him too. Happy Birthday Max. Another 2 years and you'll be eligible for doggie Social Security.


Ingrid said...

Yay Ali!! New toys rock! Those are really cute pictures of you too. Happy birthday Max.

Ann Marie said...

Cute picture! Nice to see a picture of you! I just got the same laptop, work issued though. I love it. You are going to have fun...but your even cooler with you IPOD. Have fun playing!!