Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wolcott Mills Farm

This morning we went to the farm at Wolcott Mills Metropark. You could not feed the animals, but you could watch them as they got milked - just the cows - played, honked, or ran around. Emily and Paige had a great time. Emily's favorite animals were the horses, and Paige's favorites were the chickens. Emily's least favorite part was the stinky cows - see picture below - and getting stung by a bee - although, I can no longer see the spot on her leg where she was "stung".

And, in case you were wondering - I liked the geese.
In other exciting news: THE TOOTH HAS FALLEN OUT!!!!!!
It happened this afternoon, during lunch, while Emily was eating a chocolate chip cookie...of course. We'll let you know what the tooth fairy brings........


Ann Marie said...

Yeah! That is so exciting! The first tooth! Hey let me know what she brings...I wonder what the going rate is these days. I remember getting a dollar and being totally psyched! You guys must be getting excited for Kindergarten! Can't wait to see those pictures soon!

Alyjean said...

I have a little insider information - I have heard that the tooth fairy brings a crisp five dollar bill for the first tooth, than two to three dollars for each tooth thereafter.......stay tuned