Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cold Rain

Someone needs to make a call to Mother Nature and let her know that it is SUMMER. It has been unseasonably cold around here lately. Right now it it trying so hard to get up to seventy degrees. I am sure to those of you who are roasting with temps in the nineties, and humidity at 8000 percent, seventy degrees sounds great, right? Well, true, but we have a pool to enjoy, tank tops and shorts to wear, and only a couple more months left in which to do these things.......

For the first time, the Saturday at my Aunt Joan's Farm was rained out - thunder, lightning and all. No bat ball (half an inning), no fire pit, no basketball.....but we did manage to have fun just hanging out with everyone. It wasn't a total loss. Emily enjoyed herself playing in the sand - she was SOAKED. Eric stayed home to rest. He is now on antibiotics, as his skin thing has gone bacterial. Ewww, gross.

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