Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paige's first Swim

It has been unseasonably cool here this summer....as I think I have said before.  There has not been a good opportunity to take Paige's new swimsuit out for a good soaking.  Until yesterday. It actually hit ninety degrees.  So, off to the backyard we went.....to our lovely pool.  Daddy blew up the baby float, and we were off.

She wasn't sure at first, the water was a little cold.......but after a minute, she was good to go. She played in there for at least ten minutes - Emily pushed her around and splashed with her. She even floated a little on her tummy while kicking her legs.....my little fish.

Of course, it was only seventy degrees again today.  No pool two days in a row.  Maybe tomorrow.

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