Monday, March 25, 2013


Forty things about ME on my fortieth birthday!

1. I still remember way back when I was a freshman in high school, telling my then boyfriend, George, that the person I was right then at that moment, is the same person I will be when I am 40.

2. I was kinda wrong. But kinda right too.

3. I am still a rule follower.

4. I still hate geometry.

5. I am still a very liberal-minded person.

6. I am still creative - but not in the way that I was back then.

7. I am not nearly as naive as I was then. But I think most of us can say that.

8. In fact, it's been so long since I was that person, I don't even remember if we are all that similar.

9. So, I'm thinking....the memory is not nearly as good as it was WAY back then.

10. But at that point, I only had 14 years under my belt......

11. So, maybe the memory isn't all that bad. At least I still remember that I said that....

12. Moving on.....

13. And yes, I just used a transition as one of my numbers.

14. My favorite color right now is turquoise.

15. There is not a lot better in life than a really good book.

16. Or listening to your kids laugh.

17. Or a really perfectly prepared piece of steak.

18. If my hair looks good, it puts me in a good mood.

19. If my hair looks bad, i try not to look at my reflection too much.

20. I'm probably the least vain person you know.

21. Hearing the word CARBS is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

22. The best part about Winter is getting to wear crazy socks.

23. The best part about EVERYTHING.

24. My favorite cake is.....cake.

25. In fact, I once heard a story about a family who didn't speak to each other because someone didn't tell someone else that they were picking up the cake for a family member's birthday....and therefore there were TWO cakes. And I'm just not really seeing the problem with that...are you?

26. I miss my Grandma Clara everyday.

27. I take WAY too many pictures.

28. If I won a million dollars, I would not sell my house.

30. But I would buy myself a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.

31. Is it crazy that if I could go on vacation right now, I would go to DisneyWorld, even though i've been there 1,000,000 times?

32. At one point in my life, I had Michael Bolton and Kenny G in my CD rotation.

33. I can only admit that because I'm pretty sure I had Metallica and Van Halen in the same rotation.

34. I would rather buy clothes for my kids than myself.

35. I can't draw, but I have awesome handwriting.

36. I throw away a lot of my kids artwork. If i didn't, we'd have to get a bigger house or a storage unit. Don't tell them, okay?

37.  I'm totally addicted to baseball. I can't WAIT for the season to start.

38. I haven't scrapbooked in a really long time. I miss it it, but for some reason i just can't get back into it. But I will....

39. It took me about 30 tries to get the above picture of myself.

40. I have looked forward to turning 40  - because it seems like being 40 is FUN. I'll keep u posted!

Happy Birthday to me!