Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{first day of school 2013}

Things went surprisingly smooth this morning. No one was too grouchy waking up WAY earlier than they have been these last few months. Everyone ate their breakfast, brushed their teeth, got dressed, got backpacks loaded up and got to the bus stop on time without me ONCE having to remind to do any of that. It was a CHRISTMAS miracle a few months early. And in case you were wondering:
Paige is in FIRST grade and Emily is in FIFTH grade. Their last time together in the same school. No more first day pictures together - Paige is a late sleeper, and most likely will not be awake when Emily leaves for middle school next September. :(

Can I just say that I seriously had visions this morning when I went to wake up this sweet girl, of last year's first day of school. You know, the one that Paige did not attend because of her antibiotic allergy she decided to have the first morning of kindergarten??!! Thankfully, she woke up and looked perfect. PHEW!!!

Emily is a safety this year - hence the bright yellow safety belt she is sporting. She was very excited to help out all the little people find their way to their classes this morning.

Emily, Paige and Nina at the bus stop this morning. Emily has known Nina since they were teeny, tiny little kindergarteners. They met on the first day of school - at this very bus stop, and have been great friends ever since. Fifth graders....wow. It goes by SO FAST.
Hope they had a great first day! (I did see them at school later this morning while I was there doing some PTO stuff - they both were smiling, so I guess that's a good sign)