Monday, August 11, 2008

She's so grown up

You have probably heard it a million times. You have either said it yourself, or you have heard it said about you or someone else....."They grow up so fast."

And boy do they.

I don't know if it's something in the water around here - I mean, I certainly don't feel any older - but both of my girls seemed to have grown up quite a bit over the last week. Emily is really shedding her "child" outlook, for one of a "kid". Complete with phrases like, "This is soooooo boring Mom." And, "For real?"

And, today's latest, "Mom, can Dad take my training wheels off my bike?" I know, she is probably the last almost six year old who still has her training wheels, but she's not just any ordinary almost six year old. She is my complete and total KLUTZ daughter. It is for her own safety that those training have stayed right where they were.....until this afternoon. Dad took them off.
And then there was this:
She only did a couple runs with Daddy. I thought she did pretty well. Daddy was too out of breath to really speak about it. I took her later in the evening, but stopped after one run because of WAY too many comments from the Grandparent peanut gallery.....
And this child.
She was LOVING just sitting in the car, honking the horn and turning the key. I was happy to oblige her. Paige in the car equals me not running after her.
I wish I had a picture, and maybe I will soon, but Paige's new trick for the week is to shove her index finger completely inside her nose. Lovely. Her baptism is this Sunday....I can see it up on the altar....everyone watching....Paige picking her nose. Lovely.
And she has two more teeth coming in - on the top. Emily losing her teeth, Paige is getting hers.
Man, they grow up so fast.

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