Monday, January 19, 2009


I know that today is Eric's birthday, and there will be pictures tomorrow, I promise.  However, today I took some pictures of my most recent layouts, edited them, and I am going to display them it or not.  I spent twelve hours at a scrapbook event this past Saturday and got a whole eight layouts finished - which considering the fact that I can take up to four hours on one layout, eight in twelve hours is pretty good.  As always - you can click on each picture to see it more up close and personal.  Enjoy!  BTW - these are not really in any sort of order.


EatCrowe said...

So talented. Sigh. My pictures remain on a hard drive or in a tupperware box, or worse yet - still on the camera.

Alyjean said...

You really should make sure that you at the very least PRINT your pictures. I have seen many a hard drive crash full of unprinted pictures that you cannot ever get back.

AND thank you! Really, it's just some paper and glue. Nothing to it.