Thursday, January 1, 2009

hello 2009

The first post of the 2009.  So exciting....a new year.  Such promise.  Here's to a year filled with positive energy.  It's about time...don't you think?

We had a lot of fun last night - fun that lasted well into today.  Paige stayed up to welcome 2009, as did Emily.  With eight kids running around, on time or near on time bedtimes for anyone was not an option.  And it was all good.  There was some very yummy food, good company, and a pretty hearty ski jump competition (on the Wii).n  Our friend Ginger had the high score of the evening, with 307 (that's meters)....she beat Eric....not an easy feat. In fact, he's practicing right now to beat her current high score of 329.

Some pictures:

My fashion plate husband - complete with Holland America boat slippers.  Lovely.
And this is what we did today - took down all the Christmas decorations.  Emily was a BIG help this year, even though she wasn't really keen on it at first.  But, in spite of that, everything is all packed away, and much better organized as well.

Happy 2009!


Michael Freels said...

I meant to tell you today that the decoration police are much missed down here. Take the decorations down people!!!!!!

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