Wednesday, December 31, 2008

goose egg and happy new year

Okay, so literally SECONDS after I finished with my last post, Paige went running out of my office and smashed her little, cute head into a wall.  I guess she could not see that well.  You can see the lovely goose egg that she has on her forehead.  It's pretty big.  Poor baby.  It's still there this morning, but a little smaller.

A little bit ago, she tried to put on the surgical cap again - over her eyes - and this time her Mommy gave her the option of either wearing it ABOVE her eyes, or not wearing it at all.  She threw it on the floor in protest.  Such a spirited little one........we are in such trouble.

Also just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!  Goodbye 2008 - and hello 2009!!


Ingrid said...

Maybe if she ever becomes a surgeon, she'll figure it out. Surgery might be difficult to perform if one has a surgical cap obscuring the vision.

Ingrid said...

Oh yeah, kiss her little banged up head for me please.