Wednesday, December 3, 2008

elmo and drawing

I remember when Emily was Paige's age.  She was OBSESSED with Elmo.  I ran around looking for anything with Elmo - clothes, toys, books, videos, cookies, you name it.  Now, it seems as if Paige also has the same obsession.  She's still not into watching Elmo, but bring her an Elmo toy, Elmo book, stuffed Elmo, and she is all about it.  I found the above toy - a Sesame Street buttons and switches toy, complete with an Elmo - in the toy box downstairs.  When you press the button for the second box, out pops Elmo singing, "This is the song, la la la la, Elmo's song. Hehhehehehehe."  Her eyes light up like a Christmas tree.  So here are both generations of Elmo lovers in this house playing with it - and not sharing very well I might add.  About two seconds after I took this picture, Paige hit Emily because she doesn't understand that it was Emily's turn......why Emily needed a turn playing with a toy for an 18 month old, I am not sure.
About two weeks ago, when we went out to eat, I introduced Paige to crayons.  I really didn't think she would be all that interested in it after her normal five seconds of attention span, but WHOA!  She totally loved it.  She giggles when she makes a mark on the paper with the crayon. She likes to look at all the colors, makes a very careful choice, and then goes to town.  I have also noticed that unlike her big sister, she is pretty much using only her right hand.  She does use her left some, but she starts out with the right, and usually goes back to it.  So, I am thinking that she is probably a "rightie".

This whole drawing thing is coinciding with Emily's artistic abilities as well.  Emily has really improved with her drawing - and is enjoying it as well.  We may have to rent a storage space for all this artwork that is coming out of our house lately.  And of course, more lessons in sharing, since all the crayons in this house pretty much belong to Emily.  Oh what fun!

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