Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hanukkah Latkes

Okay, so I am not exactly Jewish - but I do love me some potato latkes.  Eric saw this recipe in the paper last week, and I just had to make them.  It was my first time making them, and I have to say, they were darn good.  Even Emily - who is not a big fan of potatoes, liked them.  Paige gobbled them up, as did Eric, myself and my Mom, who was a big help with the food processor - Thanks MOM!! Eric thought they looked more like hash browns than latkes, but they didn't taste like hash browns at all.  They were SO much yummier!!
It is in the single digits here - temperature wise.  Crazy.  And tomorrow is the first official day of winter.  I am hoping that this cold we are having is not the trend for the coming months, because if it is, it's going to be a very LONG winter.  We are supposed to have MORE SNOW on Christmas Eve.  I am hoping that it's only a little bit so that we can have everyone present at our family celebration at my Aunt and Uncle's house.....big book unveiling.  More about that later.

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Ingrid said...

OK, they DO look like hash browns, but they do look yummy. I want some. BTW, it should be about 80 degrees here on Christmas. Want to visit?