Monday, December 15, 2008

another party ***photo overload***

The second of so many birthday celebrations for this child of mine that I have seriously lost count.  We had a very nice family party yesterday.  Well, I think we did - I spent most of it in the kitchen doing the cooking thing - but it seemed as though people were having a nice time. Their plates of food mostly came back empty, so I guess the food was good too - pasta, meatballs, salad and garlic bread.
It was actually Natalie's birthday yesterday, so we got to sing to her as well.
That's a lot of candles for one little cupcake.
I think everything should be personalized.  This dip - made by my Mom - was awesome.  Not a drop left. Dill dip, in case you are wondering.  So yummy.  Almost spoiled my appetite for dinner.
And the cupcakes.  Doggy cupcakes of course.  They were pretty simple to make.  That's butter cream frosting - colored light brown, a whopper nose, oat bran flake ears, chocolate frosting eyes, and a strawberry starburst tongue.  The tongue was a later addition.  Eric felt it needed it. The dark chocolate dogs are there because I ran out of the butter cream frosting - and was WAY too tired to make anymore.  I have to say - I am pretty impressed with myself.

The brown and pink girls - Paige and Emerson.  Who is growing up way too fast, I might add.
Emily having fun making Emerson laugh.
Emerson trying on Emily's party hat.  Her first birthday is just a few months away!
Grandma and her girls
Emily LOVES balloons.  The house this morning is just covered with them.  Emily and Paige made me take them all down so they could play with them.  They had a blast chasing them all around.  And now they are everywhere.  

This child.  Such a personality.  Have a great week everyone. 


EatCrowe said...

I LOVE the doggie cupcakes. I guess Eric had to eat those instead of chocolate chip cookies...

Michael Freels said...

You were right, the cupcakes are too adorable but no nearly as cute as the birthday girl and her sister. Happy Birthday to Emily!

Mary-Frances said...

I wish we were there to celebrate with her!!! Happy Birthday Emily!!! We love you XOXO