Saturday, December 13, 2008

one to go

Emily's "friends" birthday party was last night.  We invited a few of her closest neighborhood friends - Jenna and Noah, Olivia, Dominic and Salvatore, and Nina.  They all had a blast playing Pass the Dog (hot potato with a stuffed dog instead of a potato), Pin the Tail on the Dog, a Scavenger Hunt and a Dora the Explorer pinata filled with candy.  We had pizza and ice cream sundaes for dessert.  We partied until almost midnight - mostly because Eric and Noah broke out the Wii.  Emily says it was her best party ever.  She was asleep about ten seconds after her head hit the pillow.
The Dora pinata.  Olivia - the last one - was the lucky one who pulled the right string.
Pin the Tail on the Dog - They were all pretty good at this one.  Dominic won, but I liked that Jenna put the tail on the kitchen table.
The group.
Opening up her presents.  She got some really nice stuff this year - clothes, a stuffed bunny, a V-Tech laptop, a make-your-own book kit (pictured), and a Moon Sand kit.  Of course, she wants to play with it all today!
Paige partied right along with everyone else.  She was up until 9:30 last night.  A real trooper.
Just a cute shot of Paige from a couple days ago.  She is really getting into hamming it up for the camera.
Emily helping out with her birthday cupcakes today.  Did she actually get any in her mouth?

Family birthday party is tomorrow afternoon.  I will hopefully get most of the prep work done today, so I can have some fun tomorrow.  Did I mention that I have bronchitis?  I think that it's only a very mild case because I don't really feel all that bad except for this cough.  But, I am on some pretty good drugs, and I am actually sleeping at night now, so that's a plus.  And oh, my goodness, Christmas is coming!!  December is one crazy busy month!

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Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthday Emily! She is such a cutie! Looks like she had a blast with her friends. Hard to believe she is so grown. Hope your party today was just as enjoyable!