Saturday, December 6, 2008

first big snow

It is finally here, the first big snow of the season.  It started just after we woke up this morning, and as I type this, is still going pretty strong.  I told Emily that we could go out and play after we ate and showered - she could barely contain herself.  It only took about ten minutes to get the girls in all their gear.  Emily was such a big help - she got her pants and boots on all by herself.  Paige was super excited, and had a little tantrum while waiting for Mommy to get ready.

It's very cold outside - mid twenties, and very dry, so it's not very good packing snow.  No snow chicks today.  I don't even think Eric needs to fire up the snow thrower to clear the driveway.
We only spent about 15 minutes outside - not because it was too cold or anything - more because Paige got a little snow inside her mitten and threw a rather large fit about it.  I am going to have to go and get her some other kind of mittens that stay on....if there is even such a thing.  So, even though they only enjoyed it for a bit, it was still fun, and we are looking forward to many more adventures this winter.  And of course, there was hot chocolate with whipped cream afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture of you Allison! Enjoy that fresh fallen snow! I can smell that cold crisp air!