Monday, January 26, 2009

2008 in pictures

It took me all of two hours to make this - just did a down and dirty pick of some photos from 2008, added the music (Jack Johnson's "Better Together") and walla!! 2008 video.  I love iMovie.  I love my Mac. It makes life so easy.  Enjoy.....

(also - if you click on the link to the actual You Tube page, and watch this in high quality, it's WAY better.  Click here to do that.)

Also - didn't want to go without telling you that my dear, sweet Paige Elizabeth has a double ear infection.  It has eluded her for her first eighteen months, but no longer.  We had a doctors appointment for her 18 month check-up anyway this morning, so it all worked out.  She started her antibiotic this afternoon - she HATES it - and will hopefully be feeling much better by tomorrow.  Eric is also sick, and Emily is on the mend.  I hope I am not next.

Despite being very under the weather, she is growing like a weed - 23 pounds, and 34 inches tall.  The doctor also prescribed a cream for her seriously bad case of eczema - and I am happy to report that she is already showing improvement.

What a day.  I am exhausted.  Have a good week!


EatCrowe said...

Hey Allison - both my girls have eczema. Once you control it with prescription meds, this is what I do to prevent it - mix Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream (it's really thick) with Cetaphil unscented lotion and rub all over whole body immediately after bath. Just sharing. One Mom to another.

Alyjean said...

Thanks for the advice - I do something very similar, but it was no match for this particular breakout. I haven't tried the Gentle Naturals stuff, so I may give that a whirl. This cold, dry air is no good for anyone's skin.