Sunday, January 18, 2009

baby, it's COLD outside

I cannot believe that I have let a whole week go by without a blog entry.  It's almost unprecedented.  It's not that we have been all that busy - more like nothing new and exciting to report.  As I am sure most of you already know - it has been seriously cold here this past week.  We have had temperatures well below zero, and if you factor in the windchill, it's almost inconceivable.  They cancelled school on Friday because the windchill brought temperatures to a -22.  Not good.  And to add insult to injury, we had MORE SNOW last night. We are expected to be in the twenties today, so I am thinking I am going to put my shorts on...just kidding.  Anyway - just thought I would share some pictures from the week:
(the above picture is Emily holding ice that we made by putting a cup of water on the patio - it froze completely in about two hours)
Paige getting ready to go out in the very cold and snowy weather.....she put on everything herself.  Notice in the picture below, she has on MY mittens.  She is too funny.
The girls helping Mommy out with some laundry.
Emily and Paige doing a puzzle together.
Paige with Emily's bunny.  She LOVES that thing.  She calls it Bunny Bunny.
She climbs up in her highchair by herself, and turns on the lights in the kitchen.  So helpful.
Paige watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  I was terrified of this show at first - but the music is catchy, and it has begun to grow on me.  If you ever get a chance to watch it, please do, and tell me what you think of Muno - the red, one-eyed character below....
OK, so it was three degrees when we went to pick up Grandma on Friday, but it was blue skies and sunny...we had to wear shades.

The snow in our backyard as of this camera trickery here, that's seventeen inches of accumulation over the past week or so.  Um, in case you are wondering, yeah, I am thinking that's ENOUGH.
Daddy teaching Paige to do some minor household repairs.
That's all for this past week.  Eric's birthday is tomorrow.  And then our nine year anniversary on Thursday.  Busy week again......have a great one!


Ann Marie said...

That is cold!!!! Oh My! Stay warm guys!

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