Saturday, January 10, 2009

and again....

It is currently blizzarding outside...of course it's outside, that would be pretty bad if it were blizzarding inside right?  My house is very quiet because the baby is sleeping, and my other children are playing outside in the snow.  I was out there too not to long ago, but since I don't have the proper gear - snow pants and waterproof gloves - my time outside is limited.  Anywho, I am taking a moment to post some pictures from today.  Are ya sick of the snow pictures yet? Shockingly enough, I am not.  I figure, we live in a place that has some pretty crazy weather, why not enjoy it - make lemons out of lemonade, right?  Or snow cones out of a blizzard....
Okay, so I lied - not that you would ever know - but this picture of Paige is from a couple days ago.  She isn't in any pictures that I took so far today, and I feel guilty.  So, I thought I would slip this one in.  You would have probably never noticed that she is wearing the same outfit that I photographed her in the other day.  I can't believe that I told you.  Forget you ever knew.  This picture is from today.  :)
Emily really wanted me to take a picture of her with her doggies.  She got five new ones this Christmas and birthday, thanks to Tracy.  Yes, those little puppies are attached to their Mama dog.  Cute, yet a little strange at the same time.
Emily helping me shovel this afternoon.  I love the red cheeks.
Self-portrait of Eric and I.  I am thinking of doing one of these everyday for a year.  Wouldn't that be cute?

Below is a project that I started last Thursday.  I got the idea from another blog that I read. They have these magnet boards - sets of three - in various places around their house.  They are professional photographers with a couple kids, so they take TONS of photos.  They wanted a cool way to display them - so they got these boards at IKEA, and some small magnets - and now they have a instant photo gallery.  I thought it was such a great idea, so I gave it a try as well.  I bought nine boards last Thursday and Eric put them up on Saturday.  The only problem was that we could not find magnets with enough strength to hold up ONE photo.  So we did what any other person would do - go on Ebay.  Eric found these cute little 1/4 square inch magnets - 64 for $11.  Much better than the 80 Mighty Magnets that I found for $80.  So glad I waited for him to search on Ebay.  Anyway, I am going to be putting more photos on them, but I have to either print them out or go through the mounds of photos I already have - for now, they are currently displaying some of my favorite scrapbook layouts...which coincidentally contain some of my favorite photos.
This is above Emily's desk in our family room.  I thought that it would be cool to display some of her artwork here.  
These are in the hallway.
These are in my office/scrapbook room.  These will always pretty much have something scrapbook related on them.  I really like the way they turned out.  I love that these layouts that I have worked so hard on, are not shoved away in a book, but out so everyone can see them.

That's all for now.  Braving the snow later today to have dinner at my Mom's place.  Should be interesting.

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