Friday, January 9, 2009

this week

Like I said before - just another normal week around here....except, that Emily came home Monday from school with the "Star of the Week" backpack.  She was so excited.  I was so excited for her - until I saw the list of things that we had to do:
1.  Do at least three activities (with pictures or drawings) with Marvin the Monkey
2.  Write about the activities in the journal
3.  Complete a survey about the "star"
4.  Include pictures with the survey
5.  Find something that would fit in the front pocket of the backpack that begins with the letter "p", and fill out the mystery item form - the class tries to guess what's in the pocket
6.  Fill the estimation jar with something - Emily picked Mike and Ikes - and the students try and guess the number of things in the jar.
Usually, you would have the weekend to do all this because the students get the backpack on a Friday - but since the last Friday at school was a snow day - we got the backpack on a Monday, and only had a couple days to complete was a lot of work, but we did it.  Actually, Emily did most of it - she was very good.

Emily with Marvin

Paige feeding Marvin apples
More snow on Wednesday and Thursday morning
My little snackers sneaking into the pantry while I was cleaning up the mud room
Emily got her hair cut this morning - and got balloons for both her and Paige...
Have a great weekend - winter weather advisory for us today  - getting at least 4 inches of snow by tomorrow...oh goodie.

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