Friday, June 18, 2010

{last day 2010}

Emily on her 1st day of 1st grade and on her last day of 1st grade. Not too much change.

Emily's last day of school was on Wednesday. And just like her Mother used to be when she was her age, she was a little sad. I could not be more proud. I love having a bookish little girl. In fact, we are still doing school work over the summer - not much, just some handwriting practice and a little bit of math - and she is more than willing to do it. She has been getting it done first thing in the morning. Of course, this is only the beginning of summer...but I am hopeful!


She did really well this year. She is reading on a third grade level. Being the reader that I am, I could not be more proud! And if you don't count some unexplained grades in subtraction, she did quite well in math. She loved her teacher, and rose to the high expectations that were set for her. She is VERY excited about second grade. Wait a minute, did I just say that I have a second grader? My Emily? My baby is growing up. My baby is not a baby anymore. My baby is turning out to be more wonderful than I could have ever expected. I am a lucky Mom.

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