Monday, June 1, 2009

weekend adventure

It's that time again - time for Macomb Township's annual TONS O'TRUCKS. Oh, what fun we had. It was CRAZY noisy with all the sirens and horns honking. Paige was NOT a fan. And it rained. So, this year, we only stayed an hour. But we had a pretty good time for sixty minutes.
Where else would you see a cow this big?

Look - there's even a picture of Mommy. I would like you also to note the "bracelets" on Paige. They are those linking rings that are for infants. Paige - like her big sister - thought they made very nice bracelets.

Emily totally dug the hat. She has about 20 of them from the past three years of fire safety taught at school. And now she has 21 of them.

In case you could not tell, this is an ice cream truck. Poor Emily, this is as close as she has gotten to one this year. Our neighborhood ICT always comes when I have empty pockets...or about five minutes before dinner.

Emily riding the short bus. It was the highlight of her day. She got to go up and down on the wheelchair lift - would not allow us to leave until she did it.

After Tons O'Trucks, we went home, ate lunch, and Emily and I went to her dress rehearsal for her dance recital. But before we left - we had to get "dressed".

She got to wear make up - and a whole can of hair spray - which STILL did not hold up that hair. I may have to use a gel/hairspray combo for the actual recital.

She did just great. She loved watching all the other dancers  - and is pretty much sold on doing both tap AND jazz next year. Uh-oh....

These pictures are from yesterday - Eric was working on adding floorboards to the attic, so the minivan was out in the driveway. Paige really wanted to drive.

And, yes, that's MY hat.


Ann Marie said...

Emily Looks so beautiful! Lauren didn't do dance this year, she prefers gymnastics. Me, I loved dance, and I loved the costumes and recital. But, it is not about me now is it!! Too bad:) Have a great time! And Paige driving the van with that hat, that is hysterical, I love that picture. She is a character that little one!

EatCrowe said...

Hair for ballet - wet it, gel it, spray it.