Friday, June 26, 2009

bugs, chalk and a storm

What did we do on Thursday? Well, we caught bugs in our brand new bug-catcher:
(Thank you Dollar Tree)

We played with chalk.

And we had a BIG, HUGE, severe thunderstorm that seemed to come out of NOWHERE in the early afternoon. This is the aftermath. No real damage to any of our stuff, but some of our neighbors had shattered patio tables, downed trees and some other minor stuff.

Quite a few homes and businesses are still without power - we were very lucky to only have a very quick flicker of an outage. AND there's a lot of flooding around town.

I look at all this and think that we are very lucky - also, I was a very LUCKY STUPID idiot who went out in the middle of the storm to help my neighbor from losing her METAL patio table, and also to get Emily's METAL Razor scooter before it blew away. I should know better. And I promise, I won't do it again.

Off to see the fireworks in Mt. Clemens tonight. Emily is already ready - she has her toenails painted RED, WHITE and BLUE, she has her patriotic shirt and shorts on - and she's only been asking, "When do we leave?" about 10,000 times. Oh, here she comes again...

Make that 10,001.....

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