Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what's in bloom

Summer is fast approaching - although with the temperatures we have had lately, you would think it's still early Spring. And, no, I don't want to hear it about Michigan being cold. I know, I LIVE here.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorite blooms that are going on around our yard. Forgive the crappy, slightly overexposed, mid-day crap lighting pictures. I wanted to get these taken before the rain comes.....

I only know some of the plants names. Sometimes I just get what I think is pretty, try to remember the name so I can get it again next year, and them promptly forget it after I plant it. Oh well. Above - the reddish flower is an Ivy Geranium. Below - no clue. But it smells pretty. It attracts butterflies.

Below is allesyum. Yeah, no clue if that's how it's spelled. But it's teeny-tiny, and spreads like CRAZY.
Below is a mini-petunia. The one's I planted last year did not fare well - hoping they do better this year. Went with the same color as the first year I got them.
My transplanted Iris - courtesy of my friend Ginger.
One of the pots next to garage - geraniums, petunias and vinca vine. A VERY classic Michigan combo.
My personal favorite - some variety of daisy. This has already taken off. I am thinking I will be doing more pots of this next year. LOVE IT.My FREE marigold from the Tons O'Trucks. Emily helped plant this one.
More allesyum in a smaller pot - complete with Emily Flower stick. A mother's day gift.
Pink geranium on front porch.
AND - coming soon - blooms on my Hydrangea. Very excited about that.
Have a BLOOMING good Tuesday.  Haha. I made a funny.


Michael Freels said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Really!

EatCrowe said...

You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the girl with the black thumb? You have to teach me how to grow such beautiful flowers. Is there anything you cannot do?

Grandma Pilar