Thursday, June 25, 2009

okay, so I was wrong

I know I have said countless times on this blog that I have a black thumb. I wasn't lying. I really thought I did. You see, everything that I have ever planted and cared for has pretty much died. That was until last year. Last year I planted some hostas and a hydrangea, watched them live out the summer, and then prayed all winter for them to come back in the spring.

Everyone around here says you can't kill a hosta - a big part of their appeal to me - but I was doubtful. And, they did come back, much bigger and prettier than last year. Now, hydrangeas are a completely different story. They are so delicate. They, or so I have been told, require a bit more care and love. And so I cared and loved my plant as much as I could.

Last night, when I was letting Max out for his final call, I peek around the corner from my front door and was delightfully rewarded with this:

It's not exactly the best lighting at this time of day, but I just had to go and take these as soon as I could this morning - I thought about it all night! Maybe MUCH later this afternoon I will be able to take a decent picture of the whole plant. It's just so beautiful. An instant mood lifter.

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