Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Graduate

It's official - Emily is now a first grader. Of course, she has a few months before she starts her actual first grade curriculum. But one thing is for sure - she is done with Kindergarten.

Her Kindergarten Completion ceremony - they don't call it graduation because sometimes, some children do not actually go onto first grade, and they don't want to leave them out - was very cute. I was video-ing the ceremony as well as watching it, so I was pretty much occupied and did not really have a moment to get very emotional. So that was good.

The kids did not speak up very well during the Kindergarten poem, so with all the talking around us, we didn't really get to hear Emily's part - but after hearing her recite it for the past few weeks, I feel that I got the gist of it. In case you are wondering what it was - "R is for remembering everything we learned". Well put sweetie!

Her teacher - Ms. Hollinsky - is an awesome teacher. She always had a smile for everyone - and all those kids just LOVE her. Not to mention, one of the most organized teachers I have ever seen - and I have seen quite a few in my time around the classroom. She even puts me to shame.
Emily at her cubby - all cleaned out and ready for next years class.
And they do the cutest thing - the teachers read each students name, and their current career of choice - click to hear what Emily wants to be when she grows up....it's shocking...not.
(In case you were wondering - more than half of the girls had the same choice. But my personal favorite was a little boy who wanted to be a JEDI when he grows up. Now that's awesome.)

And SUMMER has begun. I think the high for tomorrow is 63 - with rain. Aren't we lucky.  

***ETA: We have been blessed with a BEAUTIFUL day. Sunny with a high of 79.  Yay for us!!***


Ryan and Julie said...

What?! Emily doesn't want to be a vet?

Alyjean said...

I know - it's amazing. She wanted to be a dog teacher for the longest time, but now she's all about being a Kindergarten teacher. A compliment to her teacher, I think.

Mary-Frances said...

I was for sure thinking the vet too!! Boy where has the time gone. I remember when she and Ryan were babies. CRAZY!! Have an awesome summer