Thursday, June 18, 2009

red jewels

Well, it's STRAWBERRY season up here in the Great state of Michigan. It's the official start of all the yummy things that I associate with summer. Soon, there will be green beans, peppers, tomatoes, corn, watermelon, cucumbers....I could go on and on.

Anyway...TODAY we went strawberry picking at Blake's. Blake's is best known for their apples, donuts and cider, but in the summer months they have a tremendous U-Pick business. Basically, all the stuff I have listed above, they grow and you can pick it. Pretty awesome I think.

Strawberry picking is something I always did with my Grandma whenever I stayed with her during my summer vacation. I remember putting a few in the box, and quite a few in my stomach. It was like a little buffet, just for me. We would spend a lot of time picking the very best berries - and then my Grandma would make a pie, some shortcake and lots and lots of jam. Good memories. I couldn't help but miss her out there today. Although, she was there, with us, I am sure of it.
Emily and Amanda - my sister is here for a couple weeks - had fun finding all the red ones under the leaves.
They were very serious pickers.

And, of course, I dressed Paige in her strawberry shirt. She was quite enthralled with all the berries growing all around her. I had to watch her every second. We kept her busy by handing her berries to put in the box. And of course, we allowed her to sample a few.
My Mom was definitely channeling my Grandma. I had to basically escort her from the strawberry fields. She just could not stop. The 7.5 pounds of strawberries we had when we left were testament to that. That woman was strawberry CRAZY.

Behold - 7.5 pounds of the crown jewels of summer.
And this one had way too much fun. She fell asleep in the car - my Mom got her out and put her on the couch. She slept there for 2 hours.  So sweet.

Here are a few from yesterday. Paige with her butterfly antennae.
Emily wearing my favorite rain boots.

It's late. I am tired from all that bending and picking - but it was SO worth it. So, I bid you good nite!

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