Sunday, June 28, 2009

scooter trick

Emily had a blast tonight doing her scooter tricks for us in the driveway.

BUT - right before the above video, we had a bit of a mishap. No one got hurt - but I guess this is what happens when you combine an exuberant six year with a two year old who just wants her chalk...see the other video below:

And again - NO ONE GOT HURT. But Paige was removed from the driveway for all future scooter shows, and placed directly on my lap. You can hear her asking, "Can I see?" in the beginning of the first video.


Ann Marie said...

Lauren loved the videos. I enjoyed your mommy gasp! I think we have perfected that one over the years. So cute!

EatCrowe said...

Wait till she slams the baby's finger in the door... Oh, that was us...