Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

Paige LOVES to help me with the laundry. So much in fact, that this morning, she completely emptied the stuff from the dryer into the basket - without ANY help from me. She was playing with the basket - or Lamper as Sterlite calls it - I asked her to bring it into the laundry room so that I could take the clothes out of the dryer. She quickly pushed it there, opened the dryer door, and began to unload. I was about one minute behind her, as I was putting away the lunch dishes. By the time I got there she was halfway done. I quickly grabbed the camera so I would not miss any of the action.

Let's hope that this keeps up.

Also, this morning before school, the girls were reading in Emily's room. Love these pictures.

We re-arranged Emily's bedroom Tuesday night - and now she has TONS of room. Now that there's so much space, the girls have been rocking out and dancing to the Kidz Bop CD that Emily got in her Happy Meal a few weeks ago. I will have to post some pictures of that too.

AND Happy 26th Birthday to my little sister, Amanda!!

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Michael Freels said...

My sister, who is 4 years older than me, taught me how to read. Those are some of my fondest memories. Sisters! They are adorable!