Monday, May 25, 2009

so satisfied

This was an action packed, fun-filled, memory making weekend. I love those kind. 

This one started on Friday with Emily's Kindergarten field trip to Upland Hills Farm. I went as a chaperone - however, because Emily's class has only a handful of kids, and most of them had a parent who chaperoned, I was only chaperoning Emily. Cool. Easy.

The farm was very cute. There was a farm show, starring the two farmers who own the farm. They showed the kids how to milk a cow, feed a goat, get a rooster to cackle, and geese to honk, and shear a sheep. There were also ducklings, chicks and a two week old piglet. Very entertaining.

There was also a hayride to the Storybook Trail - pictured below.
And a big, huge playground -with a big sandpit, lots and lots of things to climb on, swing on and play on.

On Saturday evening, we were able to finally get together with Brady and Meg. It's almost been a year since we have hung out. We had a very nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and then a round of mini-golf. I, of course, lost quite badly - but it was still fun.
And the BIG, HUGE event, that only happened just hours ago - Emily and Paige now have a sandbox.

Eric - Mr. Handy - enclosed the lower part of the playset, filled it with sand, and made a cover for it. The whole neighborhood was in it at one point - but when dinnertime approached, they all went home and it was just the two Gottlieb girls, hanging out, and enjoying their new favorite place. (you can click on the picture to see it larger)
And, because I complain so much - here's a couple of Paige - actually looking at me, and SMILING.
Hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend.

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