Friday, May 22, 2009

almost summer

Yesterday afternoon I was in my neighbors backyard, watching the kids play on the slip and slide and splash around in the kiddie pool. It was a glorious sound. A sound that I have been waiting to hear for many, many months. This whole scene was not just something I was experiencing all by myself - my friend and neighbor, Ginger, showed up while I was taking it all in, handed me a glass of iced tea, and we both held up our plastic glasses and said, "To summer!" Clink.

We then embarked on a journey into our very near future - what would we like to do this summer? What places and events would we not want to miss? What did we want to experience this summer? It was a purely blissful conversation.

As I looked through the photos from yesterday, I thought about this. And I smiled. 

I. Am. Lucky.

I work from home. Mostly in the evenings. I am able to experience summer again. I get to wake up, not too early, and plan a day spent mostly outside. I haven't done that since my high school days. And that was a LONG time ago.

And who knows, with our current economic situation, this may just be the last summer, at least for a while, in which I am pretty much free during the daylight hours.

So, I plan on making the most of it.

And the fact that we started a little bit early this year, has not escaped me at all.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy each moment Allison! You are so fortunate, but you don't take anything for granted and you cherish each moment. Glad you are enjoying warm weather. Here's to summer!!! The girls are getting so big! Cute as ever!