Monday, May 11, 2009

the written (and published) word

My girl loves books. Correction, both my girls love books - but the older one was at school and therefore, unavailable for photos early this afternoon.

Anywho - back to books. I love books. Always have. If I had to pick between a watching really good TV show, movie, sporting event or finishing a really good book, the book wins HANDS DOWN. I am a book junkie. Right now, because I have been busy doing spring stuff - like hanging out with my kids OUTSIDE - I have limited myself to starting a new book every other week. Otherwise, I would be a hermit. You would only see the part of me that isn't buried inside the crazy plot lines of yet another intriguing story.

The cool thing is, this whole book loving thing has been passed down. I was overjoyed when Emily fell in love with the written word, but Paige too? Too much. Lucky, I am.

Even more cool? Emily can now READ books. She even surprises herself most days. She has pretty much moved on from all of her level one readers, and can now read just about any of her books from her shelf. I have caught her on many occasions reading to her stuffed canine friends, and not just making up the words. That is just so amazing to me.

And Paige is on the same road. We read her books so much, that she has memorized a lot of them. I often catch her reading her books to her baby dolls. In fact, that is what she is doing in the following photo. She is "reading" the Sushi book.

And it looks like she caught me spying on her......
"Whatever Mom. I am going back to my book."
"Seriously, are ya done yet?"

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EatCrowe said...

I like her shoes and I see Goodnight Moon! I read a study that the single biggest predictor of success is having books in the home when growing up. Not whether they go to daycare or not, or the kind of formula, or shoe wardrobe size. You're doing good Mama!