Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my bff

This morning I decided it would be a very good idea if I mopped the kitchen floor. After a weekend of constant in and out traffic, construction in the garage and a BBQ, it would be a total understatement if I said it was kind of a mess.

Guess who didn't want me to mop the floor? My BFF - Paige. She threw such a tantrum that her Daddy even came up from the depths of his underground office to see if she had very possibly lost a limb. She had not. She just wanted me to hold her whole mopping.

I am pretty good at toting her around - she's my last baby, and I will do it until I can do it no more - but I draw the line at holding her while doing such things as: going to the bathroom, cooking, taking a shower, scrapbooking and yes, washing the floor. 

Well, she was not very happy about it. But I made it up to her by playing puzzles with her until her nap time. Poor baby.

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