Thursday, May 21, 2009

our week so far

Eric putting in landscape edging around the maple tree in the front - as well as around the rocks by the front door. Another project that he said would only take part of the day, but of course, ended up taking ALL DAY.
Mr. Home Improvement working on another project - painting the vent above the garage. Eric was not too happy about being up that high - I came outside for moral support...and pictures.

Paige and Emily waiting for the bus.

Paige having a swinging good time.
This is the look I usually get when I ask her to at least look in my direction when I take a picture. I have resorted to telling her there's a monkey on my head - but I still get this look.

At dinner last night. Obviously, a Mexican restaurant.

Went to the flower/plant nursery last night to get a couple more things for our yard. They have these little carts for the kiddies to push. Paige was very excited about this. Emily didn't take one at first - they are for babies, she says. But then, she saw someone her age pushing one around, and her whole opinion changed. 
BTW - the place we went - Deneweths - one of my most favorite places this time of year. I could go there everyday. It's HUGE. It's only about 7 minutes from my house. And it's full of flowers. What could be better?

Emily REALLY wants me to plant all the flowers that I got - I may just do that today. It's supposed to be in the mid-eighties. If I do, I will post pictures later....

Have a great day - and go take some pictures!!

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