Friday, May 1, 2009

just a few things...

These pictures are mostly from last week. We have been so busy enjoying the gorgeous weather, that I forgot all about them. Some of the stories have absolutely nothing to do with the pictures...but I won't tell if you don't.

Paige is going to be two in a matter of months. Two. I remember Emily at two. She seemed so BIG. So grown up. And that is exactly the direction that little Miss Paige is going as well.

She is still the most inconsistent child ever. Some days she sleeps like a champ. Other days, not so much. Some days she eats anything and everything. Other days, I am lucky if I can get her to eat a goldfish cracker. Some days, she is in the best mood ever - all smiley, and cute, and full of personality. Other days, you look at her in the wrong way, and she flails herself on the floor in a crying fit.

In other ways she is so consistent:

She LOVES books. She loves it when you read them to her, or she is perfectly content to sit in her room and look at every book on her shelf. I have even started to catch her "reading" them.

She LOVES babies. Real or doll. She is quick to point them out everywhere and anywhere.

She is really into doing things herself. This is great - except when I am in a hurry, and then it's just a battle.

She mimics anything and everything. Words, actions, behaviors. The word thing is great, but I draw the line at turning on appliances all by herself, getting her own food from the pantry, sampling the dog food, running into the street, turning on faucets, pulling tissues out of the box, stealing treats from my desk drawers, helping herself to my scrapbook supplies...I could go on and on.

She loves music, and loves to sing. Her favorite show is "Yo Gabba Gabba", and Elmo. She can pretty much sing the "ABC song" and "Twinkle, Twinkle".

And, she loves clothes and shoes. She already has definite opinions about what she wants to wear.
Her new and exciting trick this month has been doing puzzles - which is good because that was Emily's favorite thing - still is - and we have lots and lots.

After a long winter, and no practice at all, we are very excited to be out riding bikes again. And even though Emily didn't believe it, you really don't ever forget how to ride a bike. Last week, we went on our first bike ride of the year - Eric and I on our bikes, Emily on hers, and Paige in the bike trailer. Let's just say that convincing Emily that she could actually ride her bike was a bit difficult. She was scared, and would not believe that she could do it. She had a HUGE crying fit in the driveway when we threatened to just leave her and her whiny self at home while we went on a ride. 

Luckily, Eric has a lot more patience than me, and talked her off the "ledge". She joined us, and only complained for the first block or so. She freaked out when she had to go around a parked car, or had an itch on her nose. But she did it. Made it all the way home, without a scratch.

That's my girl.

Saw this from the parking lot at the game on Wednesday. I believe the phone number is 313-831-8000, if you are interested. It may be a little drafty......but summer is coming. AND, it's walking distance to Comerica Park.

And this is the "Eat 'Em Up Tigers" guy. He's at every game. Eric could tell you his whole story. He even has a fan club on facebook. Eric is fascinated with him.

That's all for now....thank goodness right? Have a great weekend!


Eric said...

I am not fascinated with him, he's just got a good shtick going. His name is James Van Horn. You can even buy offial "Eat 'em up Tigers" shirts with his picture on them and he has pages on MySpace and Facebook.

Alyjean said...

see what i mean....

Eric said...

I'll see you later honey, I'm going out to lunch with my new friend James.