Thursday, May 7, 2009

i LOVE freebies!!

So, I NEVER win anything. I am sure most people say that. And I can sympathize. I did not inherit my Grandmother's luck. If there was a contest or a giveaway within 5 feet of her, she won it. 

So last week when I entered the contest on Elizabeth Dillow's blog, I pretty much thought it would go like all the other contests I have entered....a no win for me. No big deal. Except that this time I WON!!! I was shocked to see my name the following day - April 29th. And, she was giving away a choice of three prizes - I picked the stamp set, thinking, the other two winners would probably want that too. The other prizes were cute, and I would be happy with them as well. Today, I got my package - it was the stamp set!! She also sent a special Simple Scrapbooks issue, and a $5 off coupon for a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Seriously, I know that this is not all that interesting to most of you - but it is VERY COOL to me. I am a lucky girl in many ways  - I am healthy, have the love of a good man, two smart and sassy daughters, a wonderful family and a good life....but now I can say I actually WON something.

Yea for ME!!


Ann Marie said...

Yeah Allison! That is too cute! You certainly deserve it :)

Anonymous said...


You have the ability to make me cry very often with your comments and feelings that come directly from your heart. Don't worry, it is a "happy cry".