Wednesday, July 2, 2008's no Thursday, but it'll do.

Paige on the move outside. She has officially gotten used to the grass. And isn't my Emily just the prettiest girl? She continues to amaze me everyday. Her last day of summer camp is tomorrow. She, the girl who wanted nothing more than the summer to sleep in, watch tv, and just relax, is upset that she only has one day left. I just can't win.....
She is big time into monsters and giants lately. She makes maps of all kids of places where the giants and monsters live. Don't know where she got this - but she is certain that some giants live in the center of Michigan. She loves to look at the local section of the newspaper every morning so that she can see the weather page which contains a map of Michigan and the United States. She lets us know where the giants are that day, what color we are for the day, and looks to see if it's sunny, cloudy or rainy. Our own little meteorologist.

Swim lessons are going quite well this time around. They have combined the two level one classes into one class. They usually have at least three teachers for twelve kids. And this time, the teachers actually make the kids do whatever it is that they are teaching. This week it was two young guys - only nine kids showed up - and they were very cute. A little young for me, but Emily seemed pretty enthralled with them.
Have a lovely day!

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