Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Stuff

I would have posted this last night, except my ridiculously SLOW computer decided that it just wasn't up to the task of opening Photoshop. This means that I cannot edit and resize photos - and thus, no blog entry. As it stands, I was able to open Photoshop today, but that was over 40 minutes ago, and it has taken me forever to resize and edit the couple of photos I have for today. You could say I am a LITTLE frustrated.

We are finally over the excitement of Paige's birthday. Because I had her party a few days before her actual birthday, I feel like the celebration went on forever. It was fun, but time to move on to bigger and more troublesome things.

Emily went to a friend's birthday party this Saturday at Pump it Up. She had a blast. Her friend that she saw is the daughter of one of my childhood friends. There were a bunch of us there - a reunion of sorts. We all collectively thought how interesting it was that we were all grown up, and now OUR kids are playing together. I even got to see Erica's sister who I have not seen since I was probably ten. That was pretty cool.

On Sunday, we went rocket launching again. This time we went with our next door neighbors. They have a son, Salvatore, who is ten and had a couple of smaller rockets to launch. They also brought their other son, Dominic (7), and daughter, Olivia (2) - who loves to play with Emily. It was a little windy out - but no more windy than it was last time we launched. Unfortunately, Salvatore lost one rocket, and one parachute landed in a tree. Eric's rocket pop rocket also got caught in the high branches of a tree. Dominic tried to climb and get it, but it was way to high (see circled object in photo below left...and Dominic below climbing up).

above: Emily and Olivia
above: Eric, Sal and the boys getting ready to launch

Eric and Sal (the Dad) did end up going back after dinner to try and retrieve Eric's stranded rocket - they were successful due to Eric climbing up the tree and using a long tree trimmer to knock it down. Salvatore is looking forward to a trip to the hobby shop today with his Dad so that he can get a big rocket like Mr. Eric.
We rotated Paige's car seat to the forward facing position. She kept giving Eric these looks as if to say, "Daddy, this isn't right." But, in spite of her initial trepidation, her first ride facing forward was filled with many screams of excitement and much hand clapping.
And then there's this....she did it herself people. Both stethoscopes, because, apparently, you have to have backup. Paging Dr. Paige.........
Have a great Monday!


EatCrowe said...

The "kite eating tree" from Charlie Brown?

Eric said...

It must be...when I was up in the tree getting my rocket back some kids were launching another rocket in the same field where we did. By the time I got down on the ground with my rocket those kids were searching for their rocket by the rocket eating trees. That's why my rockets are 2 feet tall and brightly painted. I have cut holes in the parachutes so that next time they will come down quicker without drifting so much in the wind.