Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Sad Day

Today in the mail we received a letter stating that Emily's old school - old, as of last Thursday - is closing on Friday. Closing for good. Their enrollment for Summer and Fall was not very good, and their lease on the building was just too expensive. So, they are closing as of July 11th. Somehow, I feel like we have lost a good friend.

We had not planned on sending Emily there for Kindergarten - a decision that both Eric and I struggled with. And we only sent her to Summer Camp for three weeks. I am sure that I am not responsible for the closing, but I sure do feel guilty. And Paige, who would be going there in a couple of years, will not get to go at all. That just stinks.

I try to not watch the news at night, so I don't have to be reminded of how bad the economy of our country has become. But when you get something like this in the mail, it's just a BIG reminder of what's going on out there.

So, here's to two wonderful years at Schoolhouse Montessori. Here's to wonderful teachers - Ms. Pfiffer and Mrs. MacMillan, who were so kind, and patient. To Mrs. Thomas in the front office who always had a smile for everyone. To the director, Mrs. Partyka, who always has such a positive attitude, and a great love for all her students. And to all the other aides and staff - thank you for taking such good care of my Emily. From all of you she received such great tools for learning and achieving academic success. We will miss you greatly.

Emily with her teacher for this year - Ms. Pfiffer

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