Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quack Quack

Paige is not a talker. Not that I mean to compare my kids BUT - by this time in Emily's life, she already had a vocabulary of at least 30 words. Paige has about two. Three if you count "Uh-oh" as a word.

Her other words are "quack-quack" and "poo-poo". I am so proud.

Her small vocabulary was actually helpful today at Costco. I was going down the refrigerator aisles looking for the big tub of Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough - and did not find it - when Paigey said, "Uh-oh". I just thought she was being cute, so I repeated it back. She said it again. I looked down, and she was missing one of her way-too-much-money Stride Rite pink sandals. Thankfully, it was only about 20 feet behind me. What a save Paige.

She can recognize a duck in any book, and will oblige you with a "quack-quack". Of course, if I ask her to do this for anyone else, she somehow clams up. Loves to make me look bad already......

She has had a tough couple of days filled with many bouts of crying and fussing. I am hoping this will pass soon, as I am REALLY over it. To those of you who will be coming to her party on Saturday, sorry about the crabby baby. Don't take it personally - she's just at the party for the cake.

Like my new frame trick? I think it's pretty cool - and so easy to do in Photoshop Elements. Also, thank you to Terry for the really cute dress. Paige actually wore it yesterday, but I didn't get any pictures because of some severely stormy weather. So, I put it back on this afternoon for our little photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little Paige! I can't believe I have watched you grow from a sweet little baby into a beautiful little girl. I read your old blogs Allison and laughed...Princess Fuss Pot! Enjoy this special party day!
I love the last photo! Her hair looks so cute!!!

Alyjean said...

She still is a fusspot...but since she's no longer a little baby I guess I will have to make up a new song.