Friday, July 11, 2008

Week End - I so need you

So, I don't know why - maybe I like a challenge - but I decided to change Paige to one mid-day nap AND remove two of her beloved bottles - all in one week. I am crazy. I am also VERY TIRED. Add to that a very massive, and strange allergy attack, and you have my week in a nutshell.

I don't know if Paige is crabby because she misses her bottles, is screwed up with the whole sleeping thing, or is teething. Whatever the case, she is running me ragged. She is not happy with the idea of milk in her sippy cup - she keeps throwing it on the floor every time I give it to her. Fortunately, she loves yogurt and cheese, so she is definitely getting enough dairy - add that to her one remaining bottle that she gets at nighttime....which is going away in a few days.....I told you - I like a challenge. Poor Paige. Poor Mommy.

The allergy thing - I am not even sure that it is what I have, but it seems to be the only likely answer. I have been getting these little pin prick pains all over my body - like little annoying itches. They are EVERYWHERE. It is driving me crazy. I took some allergy medicine, and it did seem to make it a little better, but it's still there. Anyone ever have this?

Pictures from the week:

Two crazy Tiger fans all the way at the top of Comerica Park. Yes, all the way at the top. It was a GREAT game. We went with my cousin, Kelly. The Tigers were losing for the first seven innings, and then they started hitting. They ended the ninth with a two run homer by Cabrera. Very exciting. Oh, and the orange Detroit hat is new - you like it? Went to the store right before the game and I got two t-shirts (this gray one, and a blue one with Pudge's name and number on the back) and the hat - twenty percent off. Yay me. I so should have switched places with Eric for this picture...not a very good angle.

View from out seats. With all the bad press Detroit gets - it looks so cool and pretty from up here.

Emily and Paige at a Lemonade Tea Party with Jenna and Noah.

Before the tea party. They were told to wear dresses. I guess I was supposed to wear one as well.....ummm, not happening.

First picture: Paige after dinner on Tuesday night - Rigatoni a la Vodka. She loved it. It was everywhere. In her hair, mushed in her hands. I even found some in her diaper right before her did it get there?
Second picture: Paging Dr. Paige. She loves to wear Emily's Dr. cap. She brought it to me and asked in her very Paigey way to put it on her. So I did. Too cute.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a rough week. Poor Allison! It is hard to change their schedules and their comforts, I remember that. It will get better soon!

Eric said...

Allison forgot to mention that after spotting the Cleveland Indians 6 runs up front we still came back to win it. Tigers Rock!